New Survey Reveals Just How Much Clients Value Their Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents bring a lot of value to the home-buying or selling process, thanks to their expertise and knowledge of the local market. But how much, exactly, do buyers value their real estate agent?

A recent survey from Century 21 Real Estate found that 99 percent of homebuyers surveyed said their real estate agent added value to their transaction, including providing information about the market (23 percent) and helping to navigate the process (22 percent). Of the home sellers surveyed, the biggest benefits in the home-selling process came from the agent’s knowledge of the market (73 percent), their expert advice and counsel (72 percent), and their ability to help sellers navigate stress (53 percent).

But the appreciation doesn’t stop there; 73 percent of home sellers agreed that their agent was just as valuable as a therapist—and 64 percent of home buyers agreed their real estate agent knew them better than their next-door neighbor.

The Takeaway:

So, what does that mean for you? If you’re thinking about buying or selling your home, I can bring serious value to your real estate transaction—whether that’s in helping to keep your nerves and stress to a minimum, or giving you the expert advice you need to find the perfect property. And who knows? By the time you close on your home, I might know you just as well as your neighbors—or your therapist!