New Survey Reveals Just How Much Clients Value Their Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents bring a lot of value to the home-buying or selling process, thanks to their expertise and knowledge of the local market. But how much, exactly, do buyers value their real estate agent? A recent survey from Century 21 Real Estate found that 99 percent of homebuyers surveyed said their real estate agent … Continue reading New Survey Reveals Just How Much Clients Value Their Real Estate Agent

First-Time Homebuyers Finding That They Don’t Need A Large Down Payment

Many would-be buyers think that in order to make their dream of homeownership a reality, they need to have 20 percent of the home’s purchase price to put down as a down payment. But, that’s just not true. The truth is, the vast majority of first-time buyers are buying their homes with significantly less. According … Continue reading First-Time Homebuyers Finding That They Don’t Need A Large Down Payment

Why You Should Only List Your House Once

Let's change the meaning of YOLO from "you only live once" to "you only list once". When you decide to list your house for sale, list it like it is the first, last, and only time you are going to. Because, if you list it more than's going to hurt you. Selling your home begins in a hopeful manner.

Why Do Houses “Expire”?

You've seen this happen...A house sits on the market forever, and it doesn't get sold. You see an agent's for sale sign sitting in the yard for months and months. And then, all of a sudden, another one appears. Sometimes, the new agent will get the house sold. But sometimes, no matter how many different agents list the house, it just never sells. You've been watching that house "expire". That is industry-speak for when a house doesn't get sold during the time frame an owner has a listing contract with a particular real estate agent.

The #1 Reason Your Home Isn’t Selling

You've had it!

Enough is enough. Your home's been on the market way longer than you expected and it still hasn't sold.

You had some showings at the beginning. But after the first couple of weeks, the showings dropped off to almost zero.

You have a showing here and there, still. But nobody has come back for a second look. And nobody has even made an offer. Don't they know your price is negotiable? (I mean, you don't want them low-balling you...but if they like the house, they should at least make an offer, right?)

5 Decorating Tips For People Who Hate To Decorate

Every homeowner wants their home to look polished, pulled together and reflect their personal style. But not every homeowner wants to put in the effort to get it there.

Some people just hate decorating, and the thought of decorating an entire home? Well, that just sounds terrible.

But you can have a gorgeous, well-decorated home even if you're Pinterest challenged. Here are 5 decorating tips for people who hate to decorate:

Why You Actually Need To Hire A Buyer’s Agent When Purchasing A Home

When you first start looking at houses to buy, you're probably looking to find the best house possible...not looking for the best real estate agent possible.

It usually begins innocently enough...

Maybe you see a house online. So, you reach out to the agent with the click of the button. Or send a quick e-mail. Perhaps even pick up the phone to ask a few questions, or schedule a showing. Next thing you know, you're being sent listings by e-mail, and going out to see houses with that agent.

10 Things People Who Adore Old Homes Think When They First Walk Inside One

There is a certain mystique to older homes. With each one there is always a veil of mystery to be pulled back with every structure that predates the 1970’s. This mystery has a level of attraction to a certain subset of homeowners. So popular are these stalwart buildings that defiantly stand against the withering of time that whole magazines, movies and TV shows are dedicated to their existence and upkeep.