OMG! I’m selling my house…this is where I started

So you’re thinking about selling your home? I realize you didn’t arrive at this decision lightly, and that you might be nervous or scared. There are so many things that are probably going through your head right now. I’d like to help you by offering some advice, and hopefully put your mind at ease.

312 Herr Street, Harrisburg

This Midtown Harrisburg town home is ready to change hands. Off hand, the perks of living here include the ability to walk to Elementary Coffee, Midtown Scholar Bookstore, The Millworks, The Broad Street Market, The Jackson House, a Fine Wine & Good Spirits store and The Midtown Tavern. This may be one of the few living options in Harrisburg where you do not need a car in order to access everything you need.

Smell is a powerful sense – it can make you buy

Smell has a greater impact on purchasing than everything else combined. It has the power to trigger emotional memories and you are more likely to purchase something that reminds you of happy emotions. Where else do you want more positive, happy emotions than in your home? Learn how to use a home buyer’s sense of smell to your advantage in this video.

17 Westwind Drive, Lemoyne: Luxury Living Segment

Stunning home for sale is featured during the Luxury Living segment of Good Day PA! on ABC 27. Aired March 29, 2017.

How to be Show-Ready 24/7

When you’re selling your home, you must be ready for people to pop in at a moment’s notice. And these people will scrutinize. And they will judge. But you’re still living in your home—how do you keep it clean enough to make a good impression, no matter the time or day? Watch for easy life hacks to learn how to show your home in the best light and maintain your sanity while your home is for sale.

Move to Mechanicsburg

Why would you move to Miami when you could Move to Mechanicsburg?!? Love my home town of Mechanicsburg an all the great places to eat, hang out, do business and relax. If you want to move to Mechanicsburg, then give me a ring💍!
Some of my favorite Mechanicsburg locations: Ressler’s Bagel & Deli, Simpson Library, Frankenberger Tavern / Mechanicsburg Museum Association, Ritters TrueValue Mechanicsburg, Diener’s Restaurant, Capital Joe – Mechanicsburg, PNC, Jo Jos Pizza Mechanicsburg, Walden by Charter Homes & Neighborhoods / Sophia’s At Walden.
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Truths About the Search for Love & the Search for Real Estate

House hunting and spouse hunting are more similar than you might think! One day your hopes might be so high and in your heart you know that this is ‘the one’. Then the next day you see unfix-able flaws and realize you have to move on.

In this video my friend, Tara Eisenhard, and I discuss the similarities between committing to and/or breaking up with a spouse…or a house. Our best advice: The ultimate decision about whether to move forward must be made from your ❤HEART❤.

DO NOT call the listing agent to see a house

Listing agents work for the seller, not you as the buyer. If you hire the listing agent to represent you, you are “hiring” someone to represent your interest AND the interests of your opponent. Think of it this way, would you hire your spouse’s lawyer in a divorce? No? So why do that when purchasing a home? Hire your own agent who’s going to help you get the best house, at the best price and most optimal terms. Your buyer’s agent will be able to show you any house for sale regardless of who it’s listed by. Want to work with me? Then give me a ring! 717-979-2967

Guns, Drugs & Real Estate…Be Safe, Not Sorry

Letting complete strangers tour your home is a little unnerving. It’s worth putting some thought into keeping your home and belongings secure throughout the process of finding a buyer. When preparing for an open house check with your insurance carrier so you know what your policy covers. Do you have enough insurance to cover any potential property damage? Do you have enough to cover valuables? Better yet, protect your assets by simply taking them with you during an open house. The FBI lists the most commonly stolen items as money (cash, checks and credit cards), jewelry, office equipment, clothing/furs, electronics, and firearms. It’s also recommended to take your passport, extra keys (home and car), prescription drugs, financial statements and social security cards with you. While your agent will be at the open house to monitor visitors, and create a log of who entered your house, it’s ultimately up to you to safeguard your belongings. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

Staging your house can make you money. Seventy-one percent of sellers’ agents (including me!) believe a well-staged environment increases the dollar value buyers are willing to offer, according to the National Association of REALTORS® “2015 Profile of Home Staging.” When I talk about staging your home, I’m referring to a method of decorating that is designed to showcase the home’s best assets, impress buyers and sell it quickly for the highest possible price. Although staging is optional, it really shouldn’t be.


Music video premier for 827 Tavistock Road

Does Size Matter?

For many things in life, size does not matter. But for some things in life – like diamonds, TVs and your house – size really does matter. Whether selling or buying a home, knowing the correct square footage is critically important.

Catfishing – It Happens in Real Estate Too

Here are the HOME Matchmaker’s Top 5 tips to avoid being disappointed when you finally see a home in person vs. how it looks online.