At cocktail parties and networking mixers, I’m constantly asked, “How is the market?” I am happy to report that the market is HOT for home sellers. Currently there is a lack of quality homes for sale and an abundance of buyers.

Want to see how good it is?



Looks like those low interest rates have been very good to buyers. Last year was the BEST. YEAR. EVER.

And prices?

So a lot of homes are selling – but what price are they selling for? HIGH prices. Check it. I added the trend line to show you where we’re headed – an even better 2017!


But how long?

How long will it take to sell my house? Answer: not very! The average time a house is on the market is only 2 months.


Want to beat the market?

If 2017 is the year you’re going to move, it’s worth looking into ways you can sell your home for the absolute best price and even find out the secret ways that you can beat the market.
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