5 Decorating Tips For People Who Hate To Decorate


Every homeowner wants their home to look polished, pulled together and reflect their personal style. But not every homeowner wants to put in the effort to get it there.

Some people just hate decorating, and the thought of decorating an entire home? Well, that just sounds terrible.

But you can have a gorgeous, well-decorated home even if you’re Pinterest challenged. Here are 5 decorating tips for people who hate to decorate:

Be Bold

If you’re a person who doesn’t like to decorate, you want to keep the amount of decorating you need to do to a minimum. And the best way to make a big impact with minimum effort is to be bold.

Using bold patterns, colors, decor and furniture can make a room look highly styled with little effort on your part. Keep the majority of the room simple, and then choose one focal piece to make a bold statement.

Use all neutrals in your dining room, but then use patterned wallpaper on one wall to add visual interest. Furnish your living room with simple pieces, but then choose an interesting coffee table as a conversation piece. Keep your entire bedroom in muted colors, but add a bright bedspread to add a pop of color.

Focusing on one aspect of the decor in a room that makes a big impact will keep you from having to worry too much about decorating the rest of the room.

Stick To One Theme

Decorating can get complicated when you try to mix too many styles at once. And while an expert interior designer (or someone with a passion for decorating) can pull off a shabby chic living room with old world charm and touches of a contemporary style, for people who hate decorating will feel completely lost when trying to pull in design elements from multiple styles.

Stick to one design theme throughout your home to minimize the amount of thought you need to put into your decorating. Sticking to one theme, like modern or traditional, will make it much easier to furnish and decorate your home since the decor will be consistent from room to room.

Hire a Designer

If you truly hate decorating – and you have a healthy decorating budget – you might consider hiring an interior designer. An interior designer can help bring the vision you have for your home to life without you needing to deal with all of the small details that go into making a home beautiful. They’ll source the materials, choose colors, buy furniture and take care of all the decorating.

If you do hire a designer, it’s important to find someone you trust who has experience with the style of decor that you’d like for your home. Just because someone is an amazing modern designer doesn’t mean they’ll be able to design the contemporary home of your dreams. Ask other homeowner friends for recommendations, search interior design directories on home sites like Houzz or use Yelp to find a well-reviewed designer in your area. Or just ask me – I have a fabulous interior designer that you’ll love!

Use A Design Service

If hiring an interior design feels like it’s out of your budget, explore a digital design service. Using a virtual design service is much more affordable than hiring a private designer but can get you the same results.

One fantastic virtual design service is Havenly. Havenly allows you to review designer portfolios so you can choose a designer whose style matches what you’re looking for. Then, you share details about the room and budget, and your designer puts together a mock-up of the design. You let them know what you like and what you don’t before finalizing the design. Havenly then sends you a personalized shopping list of the items you’ll need to purchase to complete your room. All you have to do is hit purchase and assemble the space and voila! Room decorated.

And with prices starting at just $79 per room, you can’t go wrong on the price.

If you find the Havenly isn’t quite the right fit for you, there’s plenty of other virtual design services out there, like Laurel and Wolf or Decorist, to meet your interior design needs.

Have Fun

If you find that decorating makes you want to pull your hair up, lighten up! Decorating, with the right mindset, can be fun. See if you can reframe the decorating process to make it more enjoyable for you.

Try making a game of decorating a new room, and see how many new pieces of decor you can find for under $50. Set a date with your partner to spend a Sunday morning visiting antique stores to scout new pieces for your dining room. Throw a paint apron or a smock on your children and let them get their hands dirty helping you paint the new playroom.

No matter how much you hate decorating, there’s always a way to reframe it and make it more fun.

With these 5 tips, you’ll have your home looking like an ad from a magazine – even if you’re a person who hates decorating.